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Preparing you for New-Age careers in
the creative industries


    Our Fashion Design program teaches students to create beautiful, sustainable, responsible, and relevant fashion. Innovation infuses all aspects of the program, from the study of silhouette to the analysis of systems of production, distribution and the enterprise of fashion.

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    Our Communication Design program focuses on communication that connects content to presentation. Students use multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to learn typography, visual identity, communication theory, graphic design and professional practice.

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    Our Product Design program immerses students in materials, fabrication processes, aesthetic consideration, and proactive social engagement. The curriculum encourages lateral thinking through a range of related skill-building courses in graphic representation and material prototyping.

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    Our Interior Design program offers a powerful avenue for humanising and personalising our immediate environment. Students learn to conceptualise and develop interior designs through to detailed resolution using representational means ranging from physical models to collage and digital renderings.

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Preparing you to become the Next-Generation of design leaders

  • fashion business management

    The Fashion Business Management program prepares graduates and young professionals for the increasingly competitive and innovative fashion and retail industries. The program addresses the evolving landscape of the fashion industry from a glocal perspective, as it relates to fashion systems within the context of design based business practices.

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      Area of Focus
    • Fashion system orientation
    • Fashion markets
    • Fashion Global Leadership
    • Sustainable Fashion Systems
    • Fashion Business Incubator
    • Internships
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

    The Creative Entrepreneurship program aims to create a new kind of entrepreneur: A design-driven leader who sees the world from a human perspective and re-thinks what is possible; an innovator with mastery over the business of design and the design of business.

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      Area of Focus
    • Entrepreneurial Experience
    • Business Ecosystems
    • Creative Futures
    • Experience Design
    • Design Expertise
    • Startup Management
  • Creative Technology

    he Creative Technology program exists in the "near future" and explores the aesthetic and material issues at the intersection of media arts, technology, and design. Its mission is to spawn new media interventions that engage, surprise, inspire, and transform peoples' lives in their everyday contexts.

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      Area of Focus
    • Interaction Design
    • Aesthetics of New Media
    • Interactive Technology
    • Social Performance
    • Professional Practices
  • Interaction Design

    The Interaction Design program focuses on the way in which people and products interact in context. It's mission is to humanize technology by enchancing its usefulness, usability and user experience.

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      Area of Focus
    • Design Research
    • Interactive Technology
    • User Experience
    • Ergonomics
    • Service Systems