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Fashion management is the art of taking a designer’s vision from paper to the runway to the racks and, eventually, into the wardrobes of customers around the world. ISDI’s Fashion Business Management program gives students a deeper understanding of the business of fashion and what it takes to create successful fashion products.

The 11-month post graduate course immerses students into the world of fashion, giving them an in-depth view of the intricacies of the business, of how successful fashion brands are built, of the business processes and science in retailing and merchandising. The program will turn students into masters in fashion management, giving them the tools and capabilities to turn ideas into products and designs into consumable fashion. They will learn to combine creativity with market analysis and business strategy.

The classroom training is complemented by hands-on learning in our studios and internships at some of the biggest names in the industry.

Area of Focus

  • Socio-Cultural Fashion Contexts
  • Fashion Digital Design
  • Design Concepts and Construction
  • Historical Fashion Contexts
  • Surface Textile Processes
  • Fashion Industry Sustainability
  • Fashion Textile Design
  • Fashion Business and Systems Thinking
  • Patternmaking, Draping & Drafting
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

Future Opportunities

  • Socio-Cultural Fashion Contexts
  • Fashion Digital Design
  • Design Concepts and Construction
  • Fashion Textile Design
  • Fashion Business and Systems Thinking
  • Product Developers
  • Fashion Business and Systems Thinking
  • Merchandisers
  • Design Concepts and Construction
  • Fashion Textile Design
  • Fashion Consultant, Store Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Fashion PR Professionals
  • Asst. Buyers to Category Managers
  • Product Manager
  • Marketers: Digita, Social, Corporate
  • Brand Strategists
  • Retail Operations


+ Term 1

  • Fashion System Orientation
    • Dynamics of Fashion Industry
    • Fashion Trends and Forecasting
    • Cultural History of the Fashion Business
    • Fashion Digital
    • Technical Design in Fashion
    • Design Thinking

+ Term 2

  • Fashion Markets and Management 1
    • Retail Operations & E-Commerce
    • Fashion Marketing & Communication
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Fashion Textiles
    • Leadership & Strategy
    • Realise the Business of Fashion
    • Start-Up Marketing
    • Real World Marketing

+ Term 3

  • Fashion Markets and Management 2
    • Retail Buying & Merchandising
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Fashion Branding & Fashion styling
    • Accounting for Business
    • Legal Affairs in Fashion

+ Term 4

  • Industry Interface
    • Graduate Showcase
    • Internship
    • Global immersion

Culture & Place

Attaining a Universal appeal

Attaining a Universal appeal

The Fashion Business Incubator, right within the campus


Learn From top Fashion Designers, Marketers & Brands


Inspired by Nature

Understanding the pulse of ever-changing trends and styles requires you to have every-day access to the most celebrated houses of fashion in the world.

At ISDI, we give you a jump up on the rest, with an ideal location that places you at the heart of India’s fashion houses and the country’s top designers, who craft trend setting wonders within a 1000 metre radius of our school. Our world-class campus also offers easy access to Mumbai’s premier luxury & premium retail destination- The Palladium Mall, the home of world-renown names like Louis Vuitton, Zara, Diesel, Versace, Armani & more.

With the expertise of named designers like Bandana Tewari, Narendra Kumar & Shivan & Naresh, among others, find your place in Mumbai’s best known fashion events, with Lakme Fashion Week, India’s Top Model & Sketch to Store being just a few names on the list.

With so much exposure to the craft, ISDI offers you a hot seat at the table of India’s premier fashion industry.


Student work

Explore the variety of projects that our students work on, while at ISDI.


Employers and Partners



Do you want to be a part of the constantly evolving world of fashion? Is fashion your way of life?

Discover the grit behind the glamour, be a specialist in the business of fashion.

We accept passionate, curious individuals who want to ignite their full potential by creating their own mark on the world. Candidates are carefully curated, and have backgrounds in areas like business, design, arts & commerce as well as a strong desire to work in the fashion industry.

An undergraduate degree/diploma (or 15 years of equivalent total education) in any discipline is the only minimum requirement.


Admission Process

+ Step 1 - Application Form

+ Step 2 - Pay the Application Fee

+ Step 3 - Take the ISDI Challenge

+ Step 4 - Announcement of Results

+ Step 5 - Enrollment into the program