YEAR 3 : Sustainable Packaging

Course Description:

Packaging in relation to communication design is closely reflecting lifestyles and undergoing changes.
Package design and construction play significant roles in determining Materials and Environmental Issues.
The sustainability goal of the cradle¬ to ¬cradle concept is to recover sufficient materials and energy in a way that imposes zero impact on future generations. This course is in relation to communication design for desired best practices in packaging consumer goods.

Students will comprehend their role in creating a design solution for a product packaging.
It is worth taking the time to consider all of the aspects, from production, to shelf space, to consumer attitudes.
How to respond to value diversification and rapid changes and packaging disposal, and emphasize on the cradle to grave concept

Student : abhay ranganathan,meghna saji, zeniya karnani

Student : harshina sodhani,shivani bhimani

Student : aakriti nahata

Student : anaya dalal, hasti chheda

Student : chahat gursingh, alifiya nagarwala, kaezryn mistry

Student : chahat gursingh

Student : hasti chheda, himanshi koolwal , veda bhargav

Student : : anaya dalal , astha goyal, simran sadarangani , vadanya shrotiya

Student : shagun parab