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Under Graduate Programs

Course Fee Structure 2020-2021

Fee icon One Time Enrolment Fee

  • Registration and Admission Fee 18% GST (as applicable)*

    ₹ 45,000
    ₹ 8,100

  • One Time Security Deposit

    ₹ 25,000

  • On Time Enrolment Fee

    ₹ 78,100

AY 2020-2021

Semester 1 Fee July 20 - Dec 20

Semester 2 Fee Jan 21 - Jun 21

  • Tuition Fee 18% GST (as applicable)*

    ₹ 2,59,600
    ₹ 46,728

    ₹ 2,59,600
    ₹ 46,728

  • Total Semester Fee

    ₹ 3,06,328

    ₹ 3,06,328

Fee: Terms & Conditions

  • Payment of all fees is via an online payment link available on our website on the Admission Application Process or you may alternatively make a Demand Draft in favour of "Innovation Trust" payable at Mumbai
  • Application Fees for ISDI Challenge is non-refundable
  • Registration & Admission fee is a one-time fee, payable only in the 1st year. Refund of Registration & Admission fee will be governed by the School's Fee refund policy.
  • The interest free security deposit is payable on confirmation of admission and will be refunded on the completion of the chosen program. Security deposit will be forfeited if there are any dues during the program.
  • The Academic Semester fees are payable at the beginning of every semester or as per the notified dates.
  • There will be a normal increase of up to 10% of Tuition fee every year.
  • Cost of materials used by students throughout the program is not included in the Tuition Fee.
  • Students can apply for refund with an application of admission withdrawal.
  • All refunds will be considered and governed as per Fee Refund and Guidelines Policy.