Artistic Expression

This Visual Art course is a learning by making experience for students through styles, mediums, forms and art history. The 10-day learning experience aims to give students an experience of artistic expression, composition and using art to design an experience.

key info

  • age: 13 - 18 Years
  • duration: 3 Months, 3 days a week
  • fees: RS. 18,900 + 18% GST
  • language: ENGLISH

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study plan

  • Introduction to art & art history.
  • The basics of drawing – Using pencils, pens and ink
  • Capturing form and likeness across landscapes, nature and cityscapes
  • Sketching human forms.
  • Capturing likeness in portraiture.
  • Basic colour theory
  • Colour as an expression of emotion & narrative
  • Using Watercolours, acrylics and poster paint
  • Impressionism : Studying the works of Monet, Cezanne & Van Gogh
  • Creating an original Impressionist painting
  • Expressionism : Studying the works of Kandinsky, Chagall, Mondrian & Franz Marc
  • Creating an original Expressionist painting
  • Abstract Expressionism (AbEx) : The New York school of art 
  • Studying the works of Pollock, Rothko & de Kooning
  • Creating an original AbEx painting
  • Cubism: Studying the works of Picasso, Braque, F. N. Souza & Sabavala
  • Creating an original Cubist inspired painting
  • Indian Modern & Contemporary art 
  • Studying the works of Tyeb Mehta, Husain, Raza, Atul Dodiya & Brinda Miller
  • Creating an original narrative based painting
  • Final Outcomes | Peer Feedback and exhibition of work


The students will be exposed to a visual artist’s point of view and how they view the world around them. We will cover a variety of styles and forms of painting using examples of famous works from across the breadth of art history, making understanding quicker and easier.


Art is a board field with a wide array of disciplines, ranging from painting to different printmaking styles. Here a student explores a list of art forms which can help him/her understand his/her interests and use these art forms  in future projects.