Lights, Camera, Action: An Introduction To Filmmaking

“Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others.”
-Orson Welles
Lights, Camera, Action: An introduction to Filmmaking Program introduces students to the art and craft of filmmaking and kindles in them the interest and awareness about this field. It helps them explore the audio-visual medium of storytelling. From Script Writing to Film Editing and Production, all the topics are covered to provide core knowledge and skills.
Each session includes at least one hands-on exercise that can be completed in class, so that the assignments are more indulging and less of a burden.

key info

  • age: 13 - 18 Years
  • duration: 6 Months (3 hours every Saturday)
  • fees: Rs. 65,000 + 18% GST
  • language: ENGLISH

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study plan

  • Storytelling
  • Script Writing
  • Film Appreciation
  • Film Structure
  • Film Editing
  • Film Production
  • Cinematography
  • Projects / Guest Lectures


Certification for the course will be given by DICE-Vancouver Film School.
DICE-VFS brings you Vancouver in Mumbai. An amalgamation of all things Film and Media related in an integrated and immersive educational model. We, at DICE-VFS, believe in intensive specialization built on strong fundamental concepts of entertainment arts, industry-led theories and hands-on experience. DICE-VFS offers practical and innovative education to students aspiring to create a niche in the Film and Entertainment industry.


Students explore Filmmaking as a career option. It can help them develop their interests and use these art forms in future projects.