School Of Digi-tech

Digital is the New Way of the World!

“The convergence of technology and humans is quickly barrelling us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of Artificial Intelligence. The world is currently deep into the fourth industrial revolution and the premise of each revolution thus far has been that it improved human life.”

In this changed paradigm, concepts like UI / UX, AR-VR, Robotics, AI are no longer relevant for a select few, but have become everyday buzzwords. Now is the time for students to take a giant leap. Students must gain future-critical skills to launch themselves in the job market of tomorrow, whereas working professionals must adapt to these new skills to stay relevant.

With a rigorous curriculum and close collaboration with faculty (both career educators as well as industry professionals), we prioritize interdisciplinary teamwork, critical thinking, a deep understanding of core concepts to ensure absolute applicability in the real world. From writing your first code to designing your first website, we offer an exciting plethora of in-demand courses.

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