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Introduction to Design Studio

In this Summer School, we will take you through an exciting journey of discovery of design. Through a unique combination of engaging exercises and collaborative projects, we will stimulate students' capacity to think out-of-the-box and challenge them to find tangible solutions to problems.

Over the two weeks, students pursue a college-level curriculum with studio classes, reviews and immersions. They will also learn to work alongside highly motivated students to shape their portfolio and explore creative education options.

At the end of the workshop students will have tangible outcomes for every topic they learn in the process.

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On successful completion, all students receive certification from Parsons School of Design, New York

Some of the Key Skills of the 21st Century are

Through a transformative learning & exploration process, the ISDI Summer School builds all of the above skills and much more in students.

The Program introduces you to linear & lateral ways of solving problems. It also channelizes your youthful enthusiasm & millennial perceptions in a productive, creative direction.

Design Thinking

The objective of this workshop is to understand the concepts, frameworks & tools of Design Thinking. Students would work on a live design thinking challenge to -

  • Understand the design thinking process
  • Learn the art of observation
  • Enhance their problem recognition skills
  • And develop viable solutions in the form of low- fidelity prototypes

Design thinking

Working with 2D

This workshop will be in the form of a discussion on Art and Observation. Students would explore the basics of drawing objects and human figures. They will also practice perspective imagery and start building on their rendering skills from base level up.

working with 2d

Working with Mixed Media

This workshop is all about moving from 2- dimensional medium to familiarisation of 3- dimensional media in Art & Design. They students will explore various mediums available at home and do some textural study. They will also discover the rudiments of aesthetics and composition. All this while, learning to use different kinds of medium for creative problem solving.

Working with Mixed Media

Interior Design

In the Interior Design workshop, the students would be introduced to the concepts of Built Environment and basics of Concept Development. Moving on to Spatial Planning, they will start to understand, how to create inspiration and material mood-boards for clients and what ensures the success of an interior design project. figures to inhabit the space.

Interior Design

Fashion Design

The workshop would give the students an overview of the fashion industry and the history of fashion. They will explore the key elements and principle of “good design”; understand the importance and co-relation of silhouettes and body types. And begin work on their very own capsule collection, using the Fashion Design Process.

Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling

This module will introduce the students to the new & upcoming world of Fashion Styling, the different types of fashion styling profiles in the industry. In the course of the workshop, the students will learn how to make Look boards & Mood boards. The students will also explore the Fashion Styling process, which will culminate in a personal styling photoshoot.

Design thinking

Product Design

The Product Design workshop will be primarily focus on two fundamental questions – Why We Build and How We Build? From observing to researching to documenting; and then from concept development to 2D to 3D Prototype or Final Sketch; the students will work on a real product development challenge.

Working with Mixed Media

Graphic Design

In the Graphic Design workshop, the students will learn the thoughtful application of- 1) the elements & principles of visual design; 2) colour theory; 3) information hierarchy and typography. This will enable them to successfully communicate narratives, concepts, emotions and/ or identities across a variety of media.

Interior Design

Digital Photography

Introduction to Photography. Basics of Photography, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO with practical settings, Types of lenses, Photography Framing, Composition. Learn food photography, fashion photography, posing techniques and much more.

Fashion Styling

Portfolio Development

The student will learn to document and demonstrate his/her Art work. A Strong portfolio will help the learner to get confidence and build the bridge for admission in his/her dream college.

Fashion Styling


Ability to present with confidence and effectiveness. Importance & context setting. 3 core components of presentation skills. Learn and understand how to build smart content

Fashion Styling

Storytelling through Films

An introduction to Filmmaking Program introduces students to the art and craft of filmmaking and kindles in them the interest and awareness about this field. It helps them explore the audio-visual medium of storytelling. From Script Writing to Film Editing and production, all the topics are covered to provide core knowledge and skills.

Interior Design