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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program AICTE Diploma Program Summer School

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How to crack the ISDI challenge?

The primary objective of the ISDI Challenge is to get to know you better and evaluate if ISDI is the right home for you for the next 4 years. The ISDI Challenge is a holistic evaluation of your skills, passions and inspirations. Through this selection process, we are looking for youngsters who have a burning desire to pursue a career in design. This workshop is aimed at enabling you to be better prepared on expectations of evaluating faculties and the tips & tricks, to be amongst the top 5% performers and be awarded Merit Scholarships.

Designing your Portfolio

A well thought out and clearly presented portfolio is not only good to look at, but communicates a great deal about you as a designer. Most leading universities, as part of their selection process request for a portfolio. Not only does it help universities take a decision on selection but even scholarships are decided on the basis of portfolio submissions.

  • What is a compelling portfolio?
  • The 3 Cs of an impactful portfolio.
  • Do’s and don’ts of a portfolio.
  • What should a portfolio include?
  • Presentation techniques.
  • Selecting and sorting work for display.

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