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Postgraduate Programs

ISDI’s postgraduate design courses combine a world-class curriculum, state-of-the-art campus, industry-leading faculty and hands-on, project-based training to prepare students for a path-breaking career in design and innovation.

Postgraduate Program in Design and Innovation

Crafted to challenge minds, the 11-month program in Design & Innovation at ISDI is a game-changer. We believe in the power of design as a process to create impact. Want to solve wicked and perplexing challenges with ease but not sure how? DI dives deep into Design Thinking and Human-Centricity for professionals to explore the innovators in them! Students get holistic experience, learning not just from Industry Experts but also assessing and designing for problems in their own ways. A course designed for professionals, DI is a rigorous time period to alter your thought process and help you change the way you see things.

Communication Design