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Post Graduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

ISDI Mumbai’ postgraduate courses are a unique blend of innovative academic training, hands-on workshops in our state-of-the-art studios, and master classes by the best in the business. The programs build upon and expand your undergraduate studies, helping you find a specialized niche in design and innovation. ISDI’s student-centric curriculum and inter-disciplinary approach are creating ground-breaking innovators, entrepreneurs and designers of tomorrow.

Fashion Design

Our Fashion Design program teaches students to create beautiful, sustainable, responsible, and relevant fashion. Innovation infuses all aspects of the program, from the study of silhouette to the analysis of systems of production, distribution and the enterprise of fashion.


Communication Design

Our Communication Design program focuses on communication that connects content to presentation. Students use multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to learn typography, visual identity, communication theory, graphic design and professional practice.


Product Design

Our Product Design program immerses students in materials, fabrication processes, aesthetic consideration, and proactive social engagement. The curriculum encourages lateral thinking through a range of related skill-building courses in graphic representation and material prototyping.


Fashion Communication & Styling

Our Fashion Communication Design program teaches students to connect tools and techniques of design communication into visual branding, fashion trends and forecasting, fashion culture, styling and imaging, digital illustration, surface exploration, e-portfolio, and fashion publishing.


Interior Design

Our Interior Design program offers a powerful avenue for humanising and personalising our immediate environment. Students learn to conceptualise and develop interior designs through to detailed resolution using representational means ranging from physical models to collage and digital renderings.


Strategic Design Management

Our Strategic Design Management program teaches students design as well as the fundamentals of a business environment. The focus lies on preparing students to serve both as researchers of complex socio-economic issues and as thought leaders for establishing a culture of systematic innovation in a corporate environment. representation and material prototyping.


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