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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program AICTE approved Diploma Program Short Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program AICTE Diploma Program Summer School

11-Month PG Course in

Fashion Business Management,

an intersection of fashion, business & design


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The Fashion Business Management course is designed for students who aspire to pursue entrepreneurial careers in the world of fashion & luxury. The program curriculum is designed in collaboration with Parsons, The New School, which highly places its focus on the professional practice.

Industry Connections

Guest lectures conducted by noteworthy influencers of the fashion industry

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Program Curriculum

An outline of what topics our curriculum comprise

Dynamics of Fashion Studio 1

A 101 on the evolution of the global fashion industry, , including insights on the complex value chain, from craftsmanship to digitalization, taking into account that Fashion is based on the marriage between traditional art & modernity & exists between history & the future.

Fashion Trends & Forecast

Featuring the latest facts & figures, & the most current theories in fashion development, production, & merchandising, this subject will provide a broad foundation for students hoping to become a part of the industry.

Cultural History of Fashion

With its focus on 20th-century fashion history, the subject outlines the social & cultural history of fashion thematically, with a focus on key designers, styles, movements & events. An ideal introductory text for all students of fashion.

Fashion Digital

An introduction to present-day digital practice within the fashion industry. Designed to identify key digital marketing approaches & emerging technologies in contemporary fashion careers & the opportunities they create for fashion houses to design, promote & market themselves on various sites & formats.

Fashion styling

Understand the basics of production via fashion technical designers, pattern makers, designers, & others. The subject focuses on how technical design is practised in the international fashion industry.

Fashion Textiles for Business

With the focus on the use of design for innovation & brand-building, the subject focuses on the emerging role of service design, & the design of meaningful customer experiences. Understand how design helps boost business.

The subtle art of management & leadership takes years to develop. This subject will dispense insightful teachings on the challenges of leadership on all levels, from organizational management to leading a fashion brand.

As Steve Jobs said, "Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works." The ultimate purpose of the designer is to make useful products, not just good-looking ones. Using design patterns to influence user behaviour & decision making, can transforming your brands’ sales & more.


Dynamics of Fashion Studio 2

Touch base with the fast-paced fashion industry & it’s interconnected market forces that agitate global fashion which will drive & shape the trends in future.

Design Thinking for Fashion

Fashion today is critical, technologically savvy, & global, & this subject will help you update yourself on the cutting edge dynamics of fashion.

Product Merchandising

From all aspects of store operations, the subject will cover the logical flow of ideas detailing Supply Chain, HR & Commercials. Also, understanding how the e-commerce industry within the fashion segment has transformed the fashion industry.

Retail Buying & Merchandising

Business models don't last as long as they used to. Today, all organizations must be capable of designing, prototyping, & experimenting with new business models. This subject will teach you the survival skills to create a pipeline of new business models in the face of disruptive markets & competition.

Real World Marketing

A comprehensive knowledge of textiles that examine the interrelationships among fibres, yarns, fabrics, & finishes & discuss how they impact the business. A peek into the textile production process & how fashion merchandising can influence the industry.

Business Model Innovation

Discarding elaborate theories, models & jargon for common sense & street-smart advice, this subjects offers a refreshing new look into the world of Marketing based on lessons learnt in the real world.

Providing a concise dialogue on accounting concepts & theories to applications. Brush up on the scope & environment of business accounting, & then proceed to cover the theories & practice of financial accounting including bookkeeping, valuation & depreciation, capital structure & financial reporting.


Semester 3
Dynamics of Fashion Studio 3

With constant innovation in the fashion industry, there exists an untapped opportunity in the marketplace. Understand how to implement analytical studies combined with technology; to reinvent design, fashion marketing & merchandising & develop a personal expression by decoding the user’s requirements.

Visual Merchandising

Staying fun, fresh, & forward in the world of fashion is challenging, there are hundreds of examples of apparel, accessories, cosmetics, home fashions, green design, & more are explored in detail.

Fashion Branding

A handy guide to start your own business & marketing it right. Learn to build a website, set up an online marketing campaign, promote your product & hire the right people.

Luxury Fashion- Culture & Business

Buying, merchandising & the supply chain is inextricably linked. As profits can be affected by how these roles are handled, this subject will help you understand how to maximise profits & manage the performance of ranges, planning promotions & mark-downs as necessary.

Retail Operations & Ecommerce

Covering window dressing, organising in-store areas & online, the subject is supported by hints & tips from established visual merchandisers. Understand the secrets of the use of mannequins, source props, & the psychology behind shopping & buyer behaviour.

Explore the popularization of fashion & how marketers & branding experts have turned clothes & accessories into objects of desire. Analyse every aspect of fashion from a marketing perspective with the impact of blogging & the rise of celebrity-endorsed products & fashion ranges.

A concise & practical guide around intellectual property protection & litigation, licensing, anti-counterfeiting, start-ups & finance, commercial transactions, retail property leasing, employment regulations, advertising & marketing, celebrity endorsements, international trade.

Based on the criterion of the Idea, Product, Preparation for Launch, Execution Plan, Traction, & Team, our students showcase their entrepreneurial skills by displaying their start-up idea. Helping you to prepare yourself to become the next big thing in the fashion industry.

Fashion Business is the means for creating opportunity around the world, & ISDI’s commitment to global immersion prepares you for every challenge in the international business environment. Get a glimpse of running a business as a global citizen.

ISDI’s Internship Program offers students practical work in some of the most iconic Fashion Business houses in Mumbai. Aside from helping you understand the field work; it enhances your academic knowledge & prepares you for your future career.


Alumni & Student Success

A peek into the works of some successful ISDI alumni.

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Bridezilla's Divya Jain & Supriya Karnani: ISDI

Divya Jain & Supriya Karnani

Bridezilla & Co

Aswaga Fashion Brand By Pernia Qureshi: ISDI

Sonali, Vaidehi & Ronak


Aharya's Rhea Hirani Shah: ISDI

Rhea Hirani Shah


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Consulting Mentor Mohan Neelakantan: ISDI


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Visiting Faculty Belinda Bawa: ISDI


Visiting Faculty

Faculty Jai Ranjit: ISDI

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Student Speaks

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Dwiti Testimonial

The thirst for knowledge never ends and life at ISDI has proven to provide me with the best.

It helped curve my inclination and love for fashion into an opportunity I'd never want to stop grabbing and experiencing.

Dwiti Shah

PR Manager, ID8
Fashion Business Management, Class of 2015

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