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Design thinking is increasingly an integral part of business, product and service strategy. Business design drives innovation and allows entrepreneurs to create better solutions. The ISDI Design and Innovation post graduate course develops critical design thinking and product design capabilities in students.

The 11-month multi-disciplinary program combines technical-scientific aspects of design and innovation with the socio-cultural aspects and gives students a 360-degree exposure to the subject. The course aims to make students masters in product and business design. Special projects encourage them to collaborate with peers and give them hands-on experience in design and innovations strategies. The program helps students think about the intersection of users, technology and business while thinking about design.

Design + Innovation focuses on a wide range of design thinking topics, including interaction design, user research methods, branding and experience design, interface design and evaluation and business model innovation.

The program’s aim is to graduate innovators, entrepreneurs and designers who can create designs that are ground-breaking, sustainable and make local and global impact.



Participants in the Design + Innovation program go through an accelerated learning experience that combines theoretical rigor with practical applicability

ISDI’s accelerated learning experience includes:

Collaborative: Work in groups, learn from peers, build faster, build complete.

Trans-disciplinary: Expose yourself to several perspectives, tap into multiple talents and expertise, build better.

Learning How to Learn: Explore new fields, synthesize insights, build hypothesis, run experiments.

+ Design + Innovation Foundation Core Months 1 - 3

  • Get a strong foundation in the key areas within Design + Innovation to build your individual learning path upon – irrespective of your earlier education background.

    Creative Problem Solving with Business, Design, and Technology

    • Design Thinking:
      Creativity Problem Solving, Social Research Methods, Ethics
    • Business Systems Thinking:
      Systems Approach to Business Design
    • Service Design:
      Human-Centered Research and Design of Service Systems
    • Creative Computing:
      Object Oriented Programming


+ Choose Your Specialization 4 - 8 months

  • Choose a specialization that fits in with your background. Or better still, choose one that doesn’t! Use the specializations to either build upon your existing knowledge, or to gain expertise in new exciting areas.

    User Experience Design

    Design products and services that people love to use.

    Core Topics:

    • User Research Methods
    • Experience Design
    • Interface Design and Evaluation
    • Core Project
    Creative Technology

    Transform the way people will live in the near future.

    Core Topics:

    • Sensing Technology
    • Actuation Technology
    • Interaction Technology
    • Core Project
    Creative Entrepreneurship

    Launch companies that could change the world.

    Core Topics:

    • New Product-Service Development
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Business Planning and Financial Modeling
    • Core Project
    Strategic Foresight

    Use visionary foresight to resolve complex problems of today.

    Launching in 2016

    Social Innovation

    Social Innovation

    Launching in 2016

    Design Business Management

    Adapt to complexity and change to execute for impact.

    Launching in 2016

+ Design + Innovation Capstone Project 9 - 11 months

  • Work together as a team with your peers from other specializations on an intense project to bring your Design + Innovation experience to a climax.


    The Capstone Project gives teams the opportunity to take their Design + Innovation experience and apply it within their personal interest areas to develop something unique. Problem Statements could be self-proposed, or industry-proposed. Due to the close interaction with the venture ecosystem and industry, projects typically act as springboards to entrepreneurship, or to starting a career as a professional.


Culture & Place

Learn from the most successful startups which have design as a core business idea

Learn from the most successful startups which have design as a core business idea


Interact with Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Industry, and Investors.


Study Design Innovation in the heart of the Commercial Capital of India

Innovation & innovative minds need the right environment to blossom in. At ISDI, we offer our students the best location for studying this field, at the heart of the commercial capital of India.

Learn from the best in the field while observing the path-breaking work of some of the most successful start-ups in the country, each of which have design as their core business idea.

Through our hands-on lesson plans, we offer our students the chance to interact with the field’s best known entrepreneurs, consultants, Industry specialists and Investors.

With the best of all spheres in strategic design and management as part of your lesson plan, you can assure yourself of a strong stepping stone into the field of strategy, design and management of businesses.


Student work

Explore the variety of projects that our students work on, while at ISDI.


Employers and Partners




Candidates currently studying in 15th grade or who have completed an undergraduate degree/diploma (or 15 years of equivalent total education) in any discipline are eligible to apply.


Admission Process

+ Step 1 - Application Form

+ Step 2 - Pay the Application Fee

+ Step 3 - Take the ISDI Challenge

+ Step 4 - Announcement of Results

+ Step 5 - Enrollment into the program.