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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program


MAR 29

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Showcase

Indian Centre for Immersive Media (ICIM) and ISDI have collaborated with Unbox and Future Fiction to showcase a curated selection of award-winning Australian and Indian Virtual Reality Films. The selection has been chosen to give everyone an opportunity to immerse themselves in, and explore disparate worlds: the life of a street artist, a magical autumn forest and the land of an Australian indigenous elder all hosted and managed by ISDI students

This is an extension of the EyeMyth property we did jointly with UnBox, and also a prelude to EyeMyth 2019. We are getting significant traction as early leaders in the AVR space, and we do hope to get your support to help us extend the invitation to those who might be interested in attending.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Showcase
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