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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program
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Sustainable Fashion: Where Are We Heading?

Watch 10 talented, emerging fashion designers determined to build collections while reducing footprint created by the fashion industry in Frontline Fashion – a film exploring behind the scenes of the world’s biggest SUSTAINABLE fashion design competition – The Eco Chic Design Award. Come and find out how you, as a consumer fit into this equation. You may or may not be interested in fashion, but if you wear clothes – this concerns YOU!

This screening is brought to you by GreenStitched Offline – an initiative that likes to start discussions on questions the fashion industry doesn’t ask enough – in association with ISDI – the melting pot of everything dynamic in the Indian fashion and innovation landscape.
The documentary will be followed by an expert panel discussion on ‘Sustainable Fashion: Where Are We Heading?” The panelists are experts who represent different dimensions of the Indian sustainable fashion landscape:

Radhi Parekh, ARTISANS’
Tanushri Shukla, Chindi
Yash Kotak, Bombay Hemp Co. – Boheco

Sustainable Fashion: Where Are We Heading?
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