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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

21 Frames

Tanvi Namjoshi

Interior Design

Class of 2021

21 frames, which is an amalgamation of heritage and present times, will be designed with a contemporary twist to the Portuguese elements. The space could be divided with every floor for different functions. The ground floor for shooting, first floor for co-living and third floor for guest rooms. The bungalow will host film and media interns which could contribute to the shootings happening on the ground floor. The bungalow will also host multiple workshops, exhibitions and talks about films, architecture and sets throughout the year.

We as a team believed that the design of the site will celebrate the existing language of the bungalow, it will try to enhance the changes done in the bungalow by passing time by adding newer elements.

Tehmi-terrace is a heritage bungalow amidst the few last Portuguese bungalows in Bandra west, Mumbai. The bungalow is currently used as a shooting site for movies and commercials.

The site will be named as ‘21 Frames’, inspired by the 21 different types of windows found in the bungalow.