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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Böhler-Braun Traction Splint

Shrinidhi Venkatesh

Product Design

Class of 2020

They allow for better joint mobility than plaster which would help relieve and eliminate muscle spasms, prevent muscle contractions and lessen the risk of infection at the point of fracture.

Although surgical procedures are a more permanent solution rather maintenance tractions, traction splints and braces provided post surgery help to maintain the correction while healing as there is a tendency for the affected part to return back to its original phase. It also acts as an inexpensive alternative to surgery to correct the injury over time for certain injuries.

Different splints are used for different injuries. These mechanical forms of traction are mainly used in government hospitals. They are bulky and occupy a lot of space when in use and not in use. Placement, alignment and stability play a very important role in the healing process.

A universal redesigned Böhler-braun traction splint fit for a government hospital setting where surgical intervention often gets delayed and a temporary solution is required. A splint setup that is modular and dismantlable for maximum efficiency in minimum space, that can be used for many upper and lower extremities for post-operative maintenance.