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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Shloka Shetty

Interior Design

Class of 2023

My inspiration for this design was the termite mound. The mound has several chambers and an exceptional (intricate?) ventilation system. Keeping all these details in mind, I made several interpretations of chambers. This represents a space with several chamber like spaces that are personal and intimate. The elements too are extractions from the mound itself. For example, the chamber like depressions, the pipe like ventilation system, etc.

Using materials available at home to replicate the termite mound to understand the internal structure and circulation system of the termites.

Creating prototypes for elements, that are organic yet serve a purpose in the space. This organic structure represents the idea of ‘chambers’ by providing a division and some level of privacy while not restricting you from experiencing the rest of the space. The material used is also to somewhat replicate the texture of a termite mound.

One of the other interpretations of the mound, representing the personal chamber of the termite queen that lays deep inside the mound and isolated from the rest of the chambers. The idea was to give depth as well as a sense of privacy.