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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Bower Bird’s Habitat: Biomimicry

Shivani Lodha

Interior Design

Class of 2021

The whole structure is inspired from the living patterns of The Interior Decorator of Birds, The BowerBird. All the colors and the materials incorporated in this are closely related to how the bird decorates its nest to show its power amongst his fellows and attract the female bird.

The nest is incorporated here as a den with strong columns made out of waste bamboos and weaved together to stand strong and to hold the structure; as the sun rays fall on the den these openings take the rays in and reflect strong colors on the shiny marble dust floor plane.

“Misty distance swirls of colors and hopes, lusty and tender, cast beguiling shadows...revealed then hidden..”

Inspired from ‘The Bowers’, who build and decorate their nests with colourful objects. The male bowerbirds have one of the most unique courtship rituals in the animal kingdom. They collect brightly coloured objects to adorn his display arena, using them to catch the attention of passing females. We selectively picked the elements to further incorporate in our space.