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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Design Studio Four

Namrata Iyer

Fashion Design

Class of 2021

Who do we design for ? If we use our own abilities and biases as a starting point, we end up with products designed for people of a specific gender, age, language ability, tech literacy and physical ability. Those with specific access to money, time and social network

There are mainly dresses and jumpsuits to eliminate the worry of not matching your garment without the help of somebody. There is also the ease of co-ords so that in absence of a second party, one can identify the garments wit his/her sense of touch

We use the personal spectrum to understand related mismatches and motivations across a spectrum of permanent, temporary and situational scenarios. Its a quick tool to help foster empathy and to show how a solution scales to a broader audience.

The garment in this collection are mostly relaxed in nature. The objective is to make the wearer feel comfortable and not continuously in thought of whether he or she is exposing too much. They fall quite lightly, are not heavy and move with the body, not restricting it.