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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Digital Prototyping

Siddhartha Dambe

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2022

High Fidelity Uber App: The main aim of this assignment was to replicate the app of our choice and understand the existing UI/UX of the app. Understand how the user flows and interactions are designed. Based on this, we had to replicate the app to it's best.

Service Design - Recreation Of The Banking App: The main aim of this assignment was to work on the services which we had created in our service design project last semester. Key Learnings - Basic UI/UX principles, Basics of information architecture, Understanding the user flows

Business Design Project - Video The main aim of this assignment was to create a video for the business which we were working with for our business design class. Key things learnt - Basics of video editing, Understanding the different resolutions, How different sound filters works, Selection of the background colours.

20 weeks Reflection: The 20 weeks journey has finally ended. Throughout these 20 weeks I have had many experiential learnings. This course has always excited me and I am glad that the excitement lasted till the last class. Being a strategic designer we are always surrounded by the two main entities which are digital technology and humans (consumers). All these together from a design ecosystem. This course has allowed me not only to understand that, how with the use different digital software’s such as (Axure, Premier Pro, Shotcut) the smallest of concepts can represented in a good visual way. The three benefits that I have extracted from the course are it allows you to test the hypothesis and refine your ideas, conduct the usability testing with the ‘real’ users of the product or service which in turn allows in receiving instant feedback from the users and lastly it validates the assumptions related to the product. Lastly, Thanks a lot sir for constantly supporting me and guiding me throughout the course. It has been an amazing journey experience for me.