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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Siddhi Mahajan

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2023

INTRODUCTION: I am a package of loyalty, punctuality, planner, and a great ideator. Hi, I’ m Siddhi. I can say I am a hyperactive person. On the other hand, I got this amazing skill of blending myself with people according to the situations and I always try to keep discussions and talks very lively and at the same time productive

PROJECT INTRODUCTION: After demonetization, digital payments got a boom in India, and the Indian economy turned its way to go cashless. Based on this context, I have chosen my topic on the lines of online payments. Looking on to the current scenario of the pandemic, the number of digital transactions has been evolved drastically as everyone is today shifting to online payments to avoid contact through cash. All these pointers and parameters made me chose this topic for the project

PROBLEM STATEMENT: The youth today has become reckless about managing their expenses. Earlier it was a practice to keep the records of daily expenses handwritten but the new generation has lost the roots of this habit resulting into not keeping the accounts of their daily expenses.

STATEMENT: I want to analyze the comparison of transactions made by female v/s males as whole and diving deeper in to the same I want to analyze how the expense pattern differ from home based students as compared to the outstation students.