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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Maitree Dedhia

Product Design

Class of 2020

About 8.5% of the Indian population are elderly people. A lot of them suffer from body muscle ache due to their age, injury or some sort of disease. There is either a person massaging, hot water bags and massaging chairs, and the massagers available for specific body part are only for that specific body part. Yet, there are some areas where they cannot reach on their own and have seek help from someone to massage those areas for them.

The massager mimics the hand techniques used while massaging to get a feeling of a human touch.

With the help of El-Care, elders can get relief from pain in their shoulders, back and side thighs. This massager can be used while sitting as well as while laying down.

El-Care massager uses rollers for back massage mimicking the kneading technique of massaging and air pressure for pinching technique for shoulder and side thigh massage. Reclining mechanism is used for shoulder flaps to lock in a comfortable position. The same mechanism is used for the back rest of the massager to lock a comfortable position to get massage while in laying down.