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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Google Fit- Your fitness companion

Dhriti Nimla

Product Design

Class of 2022

Google FIT is a smart fitness device that facilitates trouble-free home workout and training sessions. It acts as your ultimate companion that motivates you to push your limits each day. Its abilities to track your movements and rectify your form makes it a distinctive fitness essential to have in order to ameliorate your workout sessions.

Working out with a companion helps you get out of the couch, makes fitness sessions enjoyable, helps you achieve your goals quicker, avoids injuries and motivates you to keep growing each day. You can reap these benefits of exercising with Google FIT.

The product comes with a motion sensing camera to track your movements in your environment. The posture monitoring feature will ensure your injury free & seamless workout experience. You can also elicit the benefit of a primary touch screen display and a secondary LED timer display which keeps a track of your sessions. You can also sync your smartphones with Google FIT to choose your workouts & training partners. Keep a track of your diet, progress, weight, health and numerous other activities with the assistance of the application. You can record your workout and view the post analysis and areas of improvement in the Google FIT app.

You can now achieve your health goals and have regular energized workout sessions with your ultimate fitness companion, Google FIT