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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Gymkhana’s X Rudyard Kipling

Suhani Dagur

Interior Design

Class of 2021

Gymkhana’s and Rudyard Kipling both come from the same era. The aim is to create a space which people of all mindsets and age groups can relate to. By merging in the two subject matters- Gymkhana & Rudyard Kipling, the design intents to take you back in time and generate a sense of nostalgia and memory.

The existing structure is 130-year-old with ample amount of natural light which enters through the arched windows and the skylights in the sloping roof. Many of the elements pay tribute to the Victorian Era like the arched windows, the wrought iron structure, and extensive use of wood.

Gymkhana 91 brings in a bit of old-world nostalgia to Mumbai. While colonial-era gymkhanas tend to be extremely exclusive, letting in only very few new members each year, this restaurant offers the same sense of old-world charm. The space features interior elements from the British Raj which can be experienced by the coming/ newer generations who have not been part of the 'gymkhana period' which has a great history attached to it

The new design enhances the gymkhana experience with the inclusion of The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling’s most familiar writings. The printed jungle upholsteries, the animal inspired anthropomorphic elements convey a story in the space.