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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Healthcare Services in India

Khushi Kalpesh Shah

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2023

I chose this topic to study and highlight the difference between private and government healthcare services. I have personally heard and seen the vast difference between both. Since Covid-19 struck the world, every country has been trying to deal with it in its own way, with the resources and funding available to them.

India was one of the countries that took early action and handled it well, as compared to other countries. However, due to its dense population, reaching out to everyone is impossible. Increased funding and regulations in the healthcare industry will boost the growth of the Indian Healthcare industry significantly.

SURVEY INSIGHTS- Primary Methods: Total respondents- 41, from Mumbai. , Out of which 28 had a preferred hospital. India spends only about 1.8% of its GDP on healthcare. More than 50% of India's population resides in the rural area, however, most private hospitals are stll located in the urban areas.

MID ASSIGNMENT STATEMENT:- "After all the information collected I've learned, I want to use this data on Healthcare services in India to explain the concept of lack of government spending and regulatory bodies, in the form of a poster."