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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Healthy Eating

Pranjal Pradhan

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2023

The Topic: The idea of selecting this topic is to study the understanding about it among people. It is also to see the various eating habits of individuals and to study the various trends people have in terms oh ‘Healthy Eating’.

A part of the survey circulated focuses on the ‘Organic Food’ concept to see if people are actually aware of what it is and whether their preference of Organic/ non- organic has specific reasons and what are they. The survey also focuses to understand what percentage of fruits, vegetables, sweets etc. are a part of the regular diet. The survey is formed also to understand the eating habits of an individual at home and at work/ college. Overall the survey touches upon various important factors like organic foods, diabetes, cholesterol, family eating etc. and shall be used to collect data from family and friends to come up with interesting visualizations and a ‘ZINE’ as the final outcome

Current Scenario: ‘Healthy Eating’ has made changes over the years. More and more people are adopting the ‘healthy lifestyle’ and are focusing on keeping themselves in good shape. While people have begun opting for this, they have very less knowledge or no knowledge at all about it. They simply follow what others are doing. For example; the purchasing of organic foods. People follow this for fun and eventually make it a part of their fast pace life. This also brings to light the growing number of patients to Diabetes and Cholesterol. Diabetes and Cholesterol are controllable if there is proper food intake and right medication. If this is ignored or taken lightly this can result in death. Nutritionists around the world are urging people to focus on the right ways of eating and not dieting. They have also said eating at regular intervals and in smaller portions is a good practice. Including fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked food and lots of water in your daily diet works wonders

Self Brief: “After all the information collected I’ve learnt, I want to use this data on HEALTHY EATING to explain this concept of understanding what people think of Healthy Eating and how they follow it with this format of a zine.”