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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Joy & Anguish

Bipasha Desai,Riya Shah,Saachi Baslas

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2020

However much one may think and look at things objectively it's inevitably that memories will be faded, coloured and sentimental, and yet, to recount them, to put them together, is both a moment of joy & anguish.

The feeling of a lack of control is one of life’s biggest stressors. Because so much is out of our control at the moment and there is so much uncertainty, we resort to something that we can control, like our memories of the past.

We associate nostalgia with positive feelings and experiences, and we want to relive those feelings during times of upheaval.

These moments are about who we are, our experiences, our Influences, our connections, with people, with objects, with music, with family, with life and everything. They are meant to draw out the longing ,hopefulness of reliving the happy nostalgia.