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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Made with Love

Dhvani Shah

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2022

Made With Love is a one-stop solution to all your gifting needs. It deals with customized and personalized gifts for all kinds of occasions. It also deals with corporate gifting, and hampers as well. • It is a Mumbai based start-up, run by a design student. They currently run from the founder’s own place, and they deliver pan India. • Currently, it’s a part-time project, and the founder would like to eventually turn it into full-time, in the near future.

Industry • Made With Love falls under the Gifting Industry. It majorly focuses on Customized Gifting, and falls under the e-commerce industry as well, as it operates online, through various social media platforms.

Stake Holders • Stationery Shops • Craft Material Bulk Suppliers • Delivery and Courier Services • Print Shops • Individual Customers • Corporate Offices

1. The Budget Customer Frequency of Purchasing a Gift – Once a Month. Age – 18 to 50. • Occupation – Students, Business Men/Woman. • Characteristics – 1. They usually have a budget, or a limited amount of money to spend on a gift item. 2. They are mostly social butterflies and need to purchase a gift item for a close friend at least once a month. 3. They have a good idea about the current rates in the market. 4. They usually have a good eye and can make a choice quickly, as their budget is decided and they know what they want. 2. The Know-It-All Age – 16 to 35. • Frequency of Purchasing a Gift – More than Once a Month. • Occupation – Mostly Students and Entrepreneurs. • Characteristics – 1. They usually know everything about the market and know about the rates too. 2. They are very picky about what they want and will not settle for anything less than that. 3. They have their back up options ready, if one thing does not work out for them, they already have an option available as replacement. 4. They have an eye for the best options. 5. They know when they are being over charged, but at the same time, they also respect the fact that the products are 100% handmade. 3. The Big Spender Age – 40 to 70. • Frequency of Purchasing a Gift – At Least Once a Month. • Occupation – Mostly Business Men/Women, Retired. • Characteristics – 1. They never have a budget; they do not think a lot about the amount of the product. 2. They just want the best quality and the best product. 3. They want products according to a certain taste and type, and have a very good eye for the best. 4. They are very adjusting and also really good to talk to, they understand your problems and take your efforts into consideration too. 5. They are usually the ones who recommend your products to a third person, who definitely turns into your customer very soon.