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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Marzi by Marzia

Marzia Tyeby

Fashion Design

Class of 2020

The brand signifies the designers personality. It is essentially that todays women should have freedom of thought, should be liberated, and not feel restricted. The clothing line should represents the same.

Chikan is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. Literally translated, the word means embroidery the technique of creating chicken work is known as Chikan Embroidery.

While chikan is a delicate and artfully done hand embroidery on a textile fabric like muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, that etc. White thread is embroidered on cool, pastel shades of light muslin and cotton garment.

The patterns and effects created depend on the stitches and the thickness of the threads used. Some of the stitches include backstage chain stitch and hemstitch.