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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

MindLift - Self Management App

Hriday Kanakia,Kashish Bekal,Siddhi Mahajan,Tanvi Prashanth

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2023

Aim of The Game: The aim of the game is to finish the task on the chosen card of the day in the given time. The player/participant only unlocks the next level after finishing all the dare in the on going level in the provided set of days. The player/participant only wins the game after finishing the provided tasks in the respective levels

Elements of the Game: 30 + 1 Beginner Level Cards 24 + 3 Intermediate Level Cards 9 + 3 Booster Level Cards The participant must complete 21 days of tasks for every topic they choose and 66 days to finish the levels

Game Benefit: The Cards of Development is collectible card game. It teaches the players/participants to be decisive, to prioritize, to be consistent and manage time as a whole

Other than that, the game is mainly focus on self development, offering improvement in aspects of the player/participants personality like, communication skills, time management, logical reasoning, self esteem, organisational skills, optimism, emotional intelligence and stress management.