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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Outside The Box

Tanvi Namjoshi

Interior Design

Class of 2021

The site itself served as a great inspiration for the design as being surrounded by old chawls. The structure of the studio was inspired from the same including the materials used. This studio was designed for a miniature artist, with a working space, photography studio, recreational space with a pantry. The idea behind the studio was to create a space that will inspire the artist with minimal style and ample sunlight, keeping away the clutter of the city and the space.

The site, where now the studio was going to be was an informal community space for all the residents of the chawls. Hence the main objective was to retain the public nature of the space while providing the studio for the artist.

To retain the connection people had with the open space and to give a space for the artist to exhibit the space, the idea of open exhibition space on the ground level was born.

This space can be the bridge between the people and the artist built on the idea of being inclusive