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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Packaging Design

Anantika Sethi

Communication Design

Class of 2021

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE . . . . Of course, how can I even forget the days when my extra sweet tooth and the 10x hearing sense within the 4year old girl would run to the kitchen on hearing the crinkling of any wrapper. Okay now fast forward and come to the year 2020 and here I am still with an over extra sweet tooth and the uncontrollable emotions that flow every time I open a packaging. What is it about the packaging that brings in so much of joy? How did this concept about packaging even come? What was packaging like in the early era? And What’s the future going to do to it? This summer I got an opportunity to work with the innovations team at 'Mondel?z International 'and those few months for a sweet tooth like me, it was like heaven coming to Earth. My luck couldn’t get any better when one of the projects that I was assigned was a packaging gifting concept, a total chance for me to get insights about all the million questions going on in my head. As the future is 'unpackaging itself and we have come a full circle from right where we saw the first traces of packaging. I aim to take the opportunity given to me by Mondel?z International and dig deeper into this whole unit of packaging industry right from its bottom. I believe working on this. project is going to be a perfect mixture for my answers and the future my sweet tooth is eagerly waiting for. It will also be an exposure to showcase my creative skills the love for packaging that I have been carrying with me since a 4-year-old girl. As Steve Jobs said “Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story” well I never realised all this while unwrapping packages in excitement has always been an untold story for me.