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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program


Saloni Gonsalves

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

The fashion industry frequently references eras from the past to create new trends in the present, but what happens when they look to the future. The challenge of fashion is that it celebrates the new through perpetual change.

The style itself is very mechanical, yet organic at the same time. It also has a very distinct look to its fashion elements.

Fashion fit for the end of the world certainly existed before it happened, interest in post-apocalyptic fashion has only intensified over the years. Masks, goggles, upcycled materials, military-inspired gear, and shredded textiles make references to the potential of a dusty, lawless, and resource-scarce future.

Fashion tech will likely revolve around sustainability, ethics, convenience, handoff , and health. We love new trends for the novelty perhaps but if familiarity and wearability aren’t there, the garment is archival. Something completely new takes much longer for the masses to embrace.