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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Prithvi Cafe

Tanvi Namjoshi

Interior Design

Class of 2021

The idea behind Prithvi cafe is to celebrate the backstage, the hustle-bustle, the conversations, the rehearsals. The aim is to give an experience of the backstage to the cafe audience and give them a space that interacts with people encouraging the conversations within people. As Prithvi cafe invites many artists and thinkers and encourages informal conversations, such conversations lead to something bigger than the bounds of space and time. Hence, the whole area of the Prithvi cafe acts as a backstage for a stage being Mumbai.

A place which is built by the experiences of multiple personas, throughout the course of time, could only be designed to celebrate people, which became our guiding star in this journey or should we say the spotlight.

The purpose of the design is to give a sense of place, community, and interaction by providing different zones which can come together with the help of the design language

The concept of ‘find your seat’ will be implemented in the space through use of an interactive seating area.