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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Amrutha Mahesh

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

‘Reign’ is an attempt towards building a brand which is responsible as well as fashionable. Sustainability and minimalism are the two main pillars of the brand. It is a brand for a modern, and quality conscious woman with a sustainable approach.

The real luxury for today’s consumer, is the elimination of guilt from indulgence. With a heightened awareness around climate issues, consumers are no longer willing to accept unsustainable practices.

Reign creates timeless design, to be worn in different ways. The brand don’t follow seasons, and truly believes that there is no need to follow seasons to be fashionable, conscious and stylish. The products of the brands range from blouses, blazers, dresses, shirts, trousers and suits.

The primary focus of luxury brands is to continue creating memorable experiences. As the median salary of India has been growing in the last decade, interest in luxury has matured and has been increasing exponentially. Therefore, India is a perfect market for Reign.