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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Reimagining Food

Riya Kamdar

Communication Design

Class of 2021

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE . . . . We don’t know what the future holds... The pandemic has really made us rethink our choices! It has made us more aware as sapiens that humans are biologically dependent on nutrition and hence cooking...At some point in our evolutionary history a new practice was adopted, which today is known as holistic living. It is about being aware of your entire self; emotions, mind, body and soul. As far as the Darwinism theory goes, it IS the survival of the fittest and today it is immunity that can make us adept in adapting to unpredictable circumstances. It is therefore extremely important of being mindful of what you eat and consume in the coming century. I take this opportunity to embark on the journey of revolutionising and reinventing the food industry towards establishing a cohesive ecosystem and sustainably provide healthy food to the people for the future.