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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Aditya Pai

Product Design

Class of 2022

Narrative behind this revolutionary product revolves around the phrase, "Human Mind Is A Lazy Mind". This phrase translates to consider the fact that humans always tend to find out the easiest way to perform an activity. Any activity which is painstaking and with low incentive creates a negative emotion for the user.

The idea behind revive is to provide electricity to the user with minimalist effort. Revive works with linking user activities that the user performs without activating much of his conscious mind or without a lot of effort.

Revive is built to support outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and cyclists in their expeditions by providing them a sense of security to generate their own energy in any kind of situation. The product adapts into users activity and generates power without actually making the user perform any extra tasks

Revive is designed to generate power or electricity in three different modes. Revive has two different product sets, the first set generates electricity manually and through wind power and the second set generates power through fire or heat. The first set can be hooked on to the trousers with the magnetic batch and can be used to generate power while walking through the string attached to the swinging hands. Another way to power is by using wind energy, attach the set to your bicycle or keep it in a windy place and let the blades revolve resulting in power generation. The second set works on potential temperature difference. Hikers can use this set to prepare their food and generate energy at the same time