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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Anchal Talla

Interior Design

Class of 2021

The design inspiration for Riwaayat comes from an amalgamation of Mughal architecture and the traditional embroidery of Lucknow, Chinkankari. The pavilion showcases the intricate work and brings back the lost essence of white on white embroidery. The colorful installation represents the modern spin-off in the handicraft, while the soft sound of traditional tabla playing at the center of the installation reminds people about the elegance and traditions of the city.

The idea behind the pavilion was to create space that represents the culture and heritage of Lucknow as well as portrays the modern changes in the elegant embroidery of Chinkankari. The colors for the installation were inspired by the contemporary chinkankari work which is done on the pastel colors

To enhance the effect of the installation, live music was placed at the center of the space. The exits were kept behind the installation at the extreme end of the pavilion so that people can feel the installation even on their way out.

An effort to evoke a feeling of calmness and create an experience that portrays the elegance of Lucknow and brings back the essence of traditional chinkankari in this modern era.