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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Spirited Away

Dhvani Patel

Fashion Design

Class of 2020

Immersed in Technology for most of the lives, millennials appreciate a artisan goods because they encourage people to slow down and savour impeccable craftsmanship. Frightening truth being that this might be lost art someday, humans are realizing that incorporating these techniques in meat in modern creations might be a way of preserving them for generations to come.

The goal is to create a collection that embodies the artisanal process of using eco-friendly dyes created from food.. The process of creating natural dyes can be very personal and for storytelling.

Consumers want to feel connected to the products they buy. Moreover, a person’s mood is highly affected by their clothes. Hence, comfort in terms of clothing is highly essential and can be therapeutic in many ways.

Keeping these observations in mind, the designer reached the conclusion of creating a loungewear collection that is cozy, comfortable and ethical to the greatest possible extent.