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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Taftoon x Miniature Painting

Priyal Dhariwal

Interior Design

Class of 2021

Keeping in mind Taftoon's location, that is BKC, we aim at using our highlight elements depth, illusion, synthesis and paradise in our space by deconstructing the abstract or non-abstract meaning of them and then translating it into our space. While we do use those elements, we wanted to maintain the contemporary feeling of BKC in our restaurant and not have a space that would look completely out of place.

We often don’t realize how the way we look at things can change the meaning or idea about it. And while we have the power to look at things from our own perspective, one never knows what angle another is looking at it from.

In a world filled with varied perspectives, the only way to live in harmony and co-exist is by acknowledging and respecting everyone’s illusion of the world. Synthesizing with one another, living in coherence and getting to the depths of what may or may not be is key. If you look closer, deeper and more comprehensively, you will find a paradise of your own

As we like to put it, in the depths of it, there is heaven out there; it’s only what you choose to see.