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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Iram Khaleel

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

Forest Essentials aesthetics include a stunning remnant of a royal heritage of India’s past, a deeply shown rich tradition, bright colours, evocative scents and a myriad of splendid sounds, these things come together and capture the true essence

The ideais to enter the universe of the escapists, where all the emotions may sync forming one blissful fantasy and to create a one time experience with forest essentials, to free ourselves from the unpleasant, arduous and banal aspects of daily life and submerse ourselves into a place where we are nature and nature is us.

The looks for the shoot were created with the help of a sari and a sari cut out skirt to show maximalist in a manner but also keeping it clean and not messy. Props consisted of brass pots, lily flowers, marigold flowers, delicate pink petals, lotus’s floating in water, forest essential products, earrings out of silver and gold, maximal rings and necklaces.

The concept is well embedded within the project speaking about one's own individual journeys in escaping the city life to reach the calm of a small village - Mandva in Alibaugh as we set out on an adventure missing two days of or normal lives to execute our project to the best of our abilities in a place so plush and green.