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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Tech Talk a day

Trisha Fernandes

Product Design

Class of 2020

Technology has been in a constant upgradation phase. But, if we place seniors (60 up of age) into this phase, they have been struggling to catch up with tech. Not having previous experience and constrained learning, have build low confidence and doubt. The aim of this project was to map the system in context of technology and seniors. And find an intervention that allows better accessibility and makes them feel more inclusive in the current tech savvy society.

If the introduction of technology is done by giving clarity and consistent information refresh, then the seniors will have more confidence and motivation in using Tech. The more the confidence the more they will be open to explore application features or new devices.

‘Tech Talk A Day’ is an application that helps seniors learn about one technology related term a day. They are shown set of information cards that explain a feature/action. It has activities for fun learning and a search option to quickly assist their tech related queries.

The application tries to bridge the gap and help seniors come to speed with the digital era. With a vision to gamify this experience and make TECH relatable. When we look from a systems point of view, a slight rise in confidence to use tech can affect a larger loop. And the effects of this could be seen with seniors begin more open to adapt newer technologies.