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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Tetra Pure

Yashovardhan Sharma

Product Design

Class of 2020

A multiple phase analytical research project based on determining the Air Quality Index specific to India. The volcanic demographics suggested that actualisation of the prospective market is narrow due to lack of awareness among Indian populations. TetraPure an air-purifier, is phase 1 of a larger plan to clean India’s air index.

A user analysis put together with intensive ergonomic study gave rise to the form which is inspired by Tetra Pods- large-4 legged cement structures seen across Indian coastline protecting our cities from hazardous sea waves.

Designed to maximise the intake of bad air and outflow of clean air using powerful axial-fans it is crafted to send smart alerts to the user via the Link Application allowing it to fit in the smart home scenario.

TetraPure- fusion of the words ‘Tetra Pod’ and ‘Pure Air’, is a game changer designed to deliver clean air to multiple segments of Indian homes and gradually move out to a larger scale of delivering clean air in public spaces. Designed by Yashovardhan Sharma 2019, Key Informant Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt.