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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

The Pathway of Purpose

Soumya Poddar

Communication Design

Class of 2021

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE . . . . Ever since I was little, my mother would practice energy healing whenever I got sick. And it worked! I always wondered how was that possible? It made me so curious about all the mysterious energies out there and how the mind perceives them. Whenever I would get anxious and my stomach would ache, my mother would tell me to do some aasan' yoga pose, and I would immediately feel better. It seemed as though it wasn't possible, I did not take any medicine and that made me wonder what was the reason behind such magic? I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s my belief? Maybe my subconscious convinced me otherwise? But today, I am convinced about its power and I believe in it. Has it ever happened to you, that you really want for something to happen and thought about it so much, believed in it in a way that it actually happens? Intriguing isn’t it? These energies present around us, how they work? How these energies affect our minds? Some energies we know they exist, because of their physical form which we can actually see. But what about the energies we can’t see? The ones we can only feel. I strongly believe that energy can be experienced through all our senses. Every living or non-living body has its own energy, which is influenced by the vibrations of the universe in and around them. “Down through the ages people of all nations have somehow instinctively believed that somewhere there resided a healing power, which could restore to normal the functions and sensations of man’s body.” For centuries, people from various cultures have been practicing healing through energy and the power of the subconscious mind. Methods of holistic therapies for the energy body were looked upon with disdain. Now it is all changing, there have been scientific studies in the areas of healing through mind and energy. Many doctors also approve of these holistic approach. Amid this pandemic, we have realised how important it is for us to keep our minds and bodies clear. We got so busy looking for solutions that we forgot to stop and take a breath.