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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

The State of News

Aditya Menon

Strategic Design & Management

Class of 2023

Objective: To explore the sources through which Gen Z gets its News, both as an academic exercise to understand the topic and also an exploratory exercise to understand how News Media can be shaped in the future to be more reliable and trustworthy

Why?- News Media is in a state of flux right now with a shift away from conventional and traditional sources as well as delivery methods, and Gen Z is about to the primary consumer of Media and by extension News Media. So understanding their interaction with News Media is key to defining its future

Where do you get your news from? Research Methodology: Research was conducted primarily through a Google form survey, with the objective being to gauge how people feel rather than trying to establish objective fact about rights and wrongs

Process: Primarily, I used Illustrator as well as Tableau to make my info graph, but for different purposes. I used Tableau to study and understand my data using various filters, and I used Illustrator to make the graphs and visuals.