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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Iram Khaleel

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

The brand developed is a premium street wear apparel brand that is unique and exciting yet is solid in meaning and story. The main concept is about being all inclusive- the ones who feel like rejects, misfits- to convey their emotions and aspiration through “Tohfa” .

Tohfa deals in latest street style and street clothing in a own organic/sustainable way taking in bits from the west and India emphasizing on the fact that each line has a base and a meaning behind it.

Street fashion and street clothing was a form of rebellion, expression, and art. Luxury street fashion is definitely something that is intriguing and powerful as it is fashion through simplicity, made powerful. Millennial and Generation Z consumers contribute to sustainability and inclusivity. No less than a third of consumers take social and environmental values into account when shopping.

Tohfa is a sustainable, Indian street wear brand that focuses on offline relationships with the consumer more, than online- it is a premium luxury brand that aspires to have consumer communities where the consumer knows about his/her product and is proud to wear it. Tohfa is not just a clothing brand but also an emotion for those who feel trapped in ‘boxes’ to be let out and feel their worth.