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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Understanding Spaces

Shloka Shetty

Interior Design

Class of 2023

The project gave me an opportunity to understand how spaces can come together in a cohesive manner and still create different (or individual) experiences while keeping the plan the same. It also introduced me to human experiences, provided me with invaluable insights into designing from the perspective of humans and taught me how to cater to the comfort of a human. Not only did it give me a deeper understanding of the relationship between spaces but also about the relations between humans and space.

Using given elements to create a composition that formed the basis of the project and eventually be used as a plan for the project. All extrusions had to resonate this floor plan.

Understanding extrusions and forming relations between spaces by using axonometric projections to further build functional and experiential spaces. This stage was where we focused on circulation, creating pathways that were functional yet experiential.

Isolating parts of the design to understand scale and size in comparison to a human further helps understanding and setting a standard scale throughout the spaces which helps better the experience.