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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program


Sarthak Naik

Product Design

Class of 2020

This project focuses on understanding the Indian customers thoroughly and finding the tiny gaps between what they need v/s what they want and what is being offered by the scooter-manufacturing companies. It is important to understand why some scooters have survived in the market for decades and why some scooters have phased out with the fast-changing market trends.

The goal is to provide the customers not only a functionally suitable scooter for the Indian conditions, but also a design that is sporty, memorable and eye-catching to attract the youth. It accommodates a full-face helmet inside the under-seat storage compartment and it has got lots of practical touches to appeal to the middle-aged audience.

VEGA is a high performance, unisex e-scooter with a range of 60kms on a single charge and a top speed of 80kmph. Since, the Cheetah is the animal that mostly everyone associates with speed and agility, the split front apron of the scooter is inspired by the face of the Cheetah and the contours on the side panels have been inspired by its streamlined body (while running).

The minimalistic design follows a lot of the current automobile design trends i.e. sleek C-shape LED tail-lamps, headlamps with DRLs, naked dashboard with a touchscreen instrument cluster, 12in alloy wheels for a jerk-free ride over the potholes and a contoured seat provides extra comfort and enhances the thigh-movement of the rider. A first-in-class feature is the grab-rails for the kids who stand on the foot-board.