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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Vikalp Mishra

Fashion Design

Class of 2021

Introduction and doodling – Our faculty for the course started the class by giving us some basic knowledge about visual communication and it’s importance in the fashion industry. And in the second half as soon as we entered the class we were asked to select a word which comes very randomly in our mind but the very first word. The word which came to my mind was “MAHABHARATA.”

So, we were asked to go through this website called the “ atlas of emotions” and that website ended up by changing my perspective of emotions and then we were slotted an assignment. In which we were suppose to make 5 sheets for five different emotions Using only shapes and only one color to enhance the final outcome. This assignment was enforced to make us more sensitive towards certain emotions.

This project started off by all of us listening to the song called “ the way of life” and after listening to the same song thrice, and then we were asked to divide and write emotive and Perceptive and combining them we were suppose illustrate four abstracts on the same page but different perspectives and then make one piece by combining all the different perspectives.

“ Jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi hai, jo hota hai woh dikhata nahi hai” - Ishaan ( tare zameen par ) Absorb what is going around and reflect what is not already there, And it’s a process of trial and error.