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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Visual Communication Studio

Namrata Iyer

Fashion Design

Class of 2021

The idea of the project was to accurately project visual research into garment inspiration and the final product, that is, to male the final garment as lot more closely to the visual research- thus finding appropriate methods to conduct it and efficiently.

Research forms a very important component in design. It becomes a base for the long process of thinking and conceptualizing by enabling us to get clear with the facts- to build on from there.

I began with initially doing an in depth research on my topic of choice- antibiotics and narcotics, wanting to judge how both drugs are taken to find some sort of cure, while one is prescribed and one is taken (mostly) illegally and recreationally.

Antibiotics taken in excess make your body resistant to the bad bacteria- transforming your body's own into super bugs. Narcotics on the other hand, fool your neutron receptors and make you experience things for an extended period time.